What the heck is this?

“So…what the heck is this?” you may be thinking.

What you see is the first edition, inaugural, innovative and sometimes spell checked bi-monthly news letter! It’s going to let you know what’s happening with the next
Convention, the where, the when and the how [Why? – Ed].

Our motto is “for the gamers, by the gamers ” and this fun little newsletter will
try and stay true to that, whilst occasionally stepping into the realms of a hitchhikers guide to the local gaming scene (DON’T PANIC!) and attempting to highlight any interesting hobbyist things that are happening around the Brizzle scene.

In it we’ll be letting you know where we’re at with the convention organisation, whose organising it, how you can get involved and most importantly what’s going to be happening at the convention.

Convention News

Most importantly, we have a new committee. After two years at the helm, Mark has stepped down, and a number of new faces have come on board to help us make sure everything is in place to make next year an even bigger success.

I want to take a moment to than Mark for everything he has done over the last two years, and the solid foundations he has left us.

The Committee

First off, after two years of working alongside Mark, I am pleased to announce that both Gary and Jess are remaining on-board, and they are joined by six (yes six!) new faces. The committee in full is:

Chair: Gary
Treasurer and Secretary: Jess
Volunteers Co-Ordination and Rep: Chris
IT and Marketing: Graham
Social Co-ord: Ed
Media and News: Ralph
Traders Rep: Geoff
Wargames Rep: Mark (Don’t worry, he is still around)
Card Games Rep: Boz
RPG’s Rep: TBC


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