Catan National Qualifier Tournament


The Catan Qualifier Tournament is organised as follows:

There tournament consists of three rounds:

  • The Preliminaries (Saturday)
  • The Semi-finals (Sunday)
  • The Finals (Sunday)

The Preliminaries:
The preliminaries consist of three separate games of Catan. The combined scores that each player earns in their preliminary determine their total score, who will move to the semi-finals. The top 16 players will move through to the semi finals.

The Semi-Finals:
The semi-finalists will play a single game, and the winner of each table will advance
to the finals.

The Finals:
They finalists will play a single game of Catan, and the winner will be sent to
the Catan National Championship.

How Does Scoring Work:
Each player taking part in the preliminaries scores points based on their performance in each game they play. Each player will end the preliminaries with a rank and a score. The number of wins determines their overall ranks, and their total score comes from the combined scores of each of the three games.

Ties between players with the same number of wins in the preliminaries is determined by the cumulative points from the three games that the tied players participated in. If need be, the rank between tied players with the same cumulative points is determined by how soundly players have beaten their opponents.

Ranking will be aided with the software provided by Catan Studios.

As an example:

Margaret has won 2 games (10 points each) and in her third game she scored 7
points so she has a total score of 27.

Maxwell has won 2 games and scored 5 points on one of his games so he has a total score of 25.

B.J. also won 2 games and 5 points for a total of 25 points, but in both of his games he won quickly before the people playing at his tables could make more than 5 points.

Radar won 1 game and scored 9s on his other games for a total score
of 28.

When ranked, Margaret, Maxwell, and B.J. each won 2 games and despite Radar accumulating more points the number of wins matter the most. Margaret has the most points among the tied players. Maxwell and B.J. have tied points, but B.J. had a higher differential between his score and his table’s score.

The ranked players are as follows:

  1. Margaret
  2. B.J.
  3. Maxwell
  4. Radar

Tournament Rules: You can find the full set of tournament rules here