Oligarchy Tournament 2018


OLIGARCHY – Sunday 25th Feb 12:00 (Registration by 11:45)

ENTRY: £25




  • 1st Place: One copy of every card in print
  • 2nd Place: A copy of the base game
  • 3rd Place: 8 additional Booster Packs

Participation – Your ticket comprises;

  • Entry to the tournament
  • 8 booster packs to use in the tournament
  • 2 bonus booster packs
  • You get to keep all cards from the boosters you receive

Tournament Details and Rules

  • The Tournament is a Swiss style round Robin Tournament, played from closed boosters opened on the day.
  • The tournament will only go ahead with a minimum of 6 players
  • Should the tournament not go ahead, playing casually is free, but prizes will not be available
  • Should the tournament not go ahead, entry costs to the tournament will be refunded, but not entry to the convention.
  • Should the tournament not go ahead, the booster packs will be available to buy, if you so wish.