RPG Information

This year, we have 12 games running across three sessions, with four games running in Session 1 on Saturday, four games running in Session 2 on Sunday morning, and the final four games running in Session 3 on Sunday afternoon.

To reserve your space in the game you want to play, simply select the slot you wish to play in as an add on when you buy your ticket, and choose your game. You will be able to join games on the day if there are any spaces still available, but we strongly advise you to book your game in advance as spaces are filling up fast.

Session 1: Saturday 10:30-14:30

Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Tomb of the Ghast Queen run by Ian Sandford

“The Running Man meets The Warriors”. Convicted for treason against the Ghast Queen, the evil tyrant ruling the land, the PCs are imprisoned for life with hard labour. There is only way out, to win the annual “Run the Gauntlet”, a dungeon treasure hunt and fight to the death against three other gangs. And the PCs have just been volunteered

Shadow Run 4e: May day, man down man down!! run by Ed Stitson

….Welcome. You are through to DocWagon….if you require our emergency response department please press 5 now or use your emergency wrist activator ……5……please state the nature of the emergency…Hello can you hear me?…This registered number belongs to a Mr T-Dogg, is that correct?…Sir if you can hear me but are unable to respond verbally please dial 1 now….1……Do you require extraction sir?…Press 1 for yes and 2 for no…1……Sir I have just notified the closest DocWagon High Threat Response team to your location, they should be with you in under 10 minutes…

Dr Who: Adventures in Space and Time run by Dr Bob

It’s the mid 1980s and the height of the Cold War. UNIT has a tricky diplomatic mission: the Soviet Army has discovered something weird in Afghanistan. The PCs need to investigate without riling up the Soviets, annoying the CIA or accidentally starting WW3. No trouble.

Call of Cthulu run by Sean Conners

Session 2: Sunday 10:00-14:00

Call of Cthulu – Adventure in the Wild West: Sundown run by Ian Sandford

The Apache say that on nights like this, the cold wind from the prairie has a mind of its own – a malignant chill, born of the darkness, which eats at your warmth, and steals all compassion. It was a night like that when Barton Duvall rode into Tombstone. A night like that when they found what was left of little Alina Hundle –the few sad remains, barely recognizable, that Barton had left for her family to bury. And, it was a night like that when you realized that justice was more than a word bandied around by fearful shopkeepers – it was a necessity. The year is 1880, and the posse is forming…

Star Wars D6: Fight to Freedom run by Ed Stitson

{Queue music as the camera focuses onto a field of stars as the yellow writing scrolls up from out of view} …It has been 48 hours since the fall of Hoth, Lord Vader and his forces stormed the Ice Planet and captured the rebel base. Most of the rebel forces that did not make it off the planet were either killed or captured. With very little intelligence the Imperial forces rounded up the remaining survivors. They been imprisoned on the detention vessel Despair and on their way to the prison planet in the Mustafar system. Once on the prison planet it is very doubtful that even the most dedicated to the cause will be able to resist the interrogation specialists there. {Camera fades to….Close up of a Com terminal … ALERT … COLLISION IMMINENT … ALERT ….}

Dungeons and Dragons 5e: run by Sean Conners

Session 3: Sunday 15:00-19:00

Dungeonworld: The slave pit of Drazhu run by Ian Sandford

You have been enslaved for many months by the evil lich Drazhu and his vicious minions, and been put to work digging tunnels to expand his underground lair. Then a sudden earthquake shook everything up…

Call of Cthulu 6th Edition: Hunger for Knowledge run by Matt Ireland

Set in the modern day, a team of environmental health officers investigate some reports of peculiar wildlife and an outbreak of unusual illness in a small riverside town in the West Country. The reports are characterised by a ravenous appetite in the inhabitants, leading to squabbling, ferocious pets and even some desperate robberies. Only a thorough investigation will reveal the cause but will the investigators begin to succumb too?

Squaddies (Cortex + Action): Tanks for the memory run by Dr Bob

There’s a crippled tank and a stranded crew in the maze of canyonlands out in the desert. The PCs have to go recover them before the enemy pick them off.