What’s On

This year, we have a wide range of events, Tabletop Wargaming, RPG’s, a Traders Market, and card games. We are also holding our first Fireside Gathering for Hearthstone, and a mini painting competition. Riproar Comedy are also putting on a Gamer themed comedy night, and have given us a great deal on tickets and food if you book your ticket with us when you buy your convention ticket.

Catan-Studio-Yellow-Black-Red-LogoCatan National Qualifier

Compete in the national qualifier for a chance to win tickets to the National itself.

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HearthstoneHearthstone Fireside Gathering

For the first time, this year we have an official Fireside Gathering for Hearthstone. Come down on the day and join in.

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bd3WCwsv_400x400Oligarchy Tournament

We are hosting our second Oligarchy Tournament. This year Oligarchy Creator Gary Wareham will be attending, talking to players and helping run the tournament.

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unepic-pc-role-playing-game-1Role Playing Games

This year, we have 12 games over 3 sessions. We have tried to make sure we have a range of games to suit everyone. Play an old favourite or try something new!

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13_RogueTrader-HenningLudvigsen_4Tabletop Wargames

We have a number of games being demo’ed so if you want to give one of these games a go, feel free to come over and join in.

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78960eba7d868c0010eb8c3740c4e622--writing-fantasy-fantasy-artTraders Market

This year will be our biggest market to date!

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